The Ultimate Tool Box Tape TM
All Weather self-fusing silicone tape
Marine - Automotive - Industrial - Domestic

Tensile Strength*
700psi Tensile Strength

Dielectric Strength*
up to 7,000 volts (per 0,51mm)

Temperature Resistant*
-65°C to 260°C (-85°F to 500°F)

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The ultimate, multi-purpose repair tape. Simply stretch & wrap to repair water pipes and guttering in the home, insulate cables and connectors in the work place, and repair exhaust pipes and engine hoses in the garage.

Non-sticky to the touch which, when overlapped creates a permanent bond, fuseing to itself. Up to an incredible 700psi tensile strength*, 7,000 volts (per 0.51mm) dielectric strength* and thermal stability range from -65°C to 260°C Kraken Tape can get you out of almost any difficult situation. 

Kraken Tape 101 Uses -

* Please note, test certificates and data sheets are available on request. We strongly recommend reading all instructions and data sheets before any application.  

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